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InterNations Ex-pat Insider 2016 survey Results – almost all ex pats satisfied with life in Spain!

The above survey claims 92% of ex pats in Spain satisfied with life. Results suggested that Spain offers -

The latest InterNations Ex-pat Insider 2016 survey has found that almost all of the ex pats who live in Spain are overall satisfied with their life there.

The poll is conducted every year and the results were recently published. The report highlighted the following attractions Spain offers

These were the main reasons why ex-pats moved to Spain, and subsequently settled in, the country.

Over 75% of those contributing to the survey stated that Spain was “generally easy to settle down in” The global average is 59%. More than 85% agreed general friendliness of the population in Spain is overall good.

A massive 84% of those polled said that the climate in Spain is a positive factor of life in the country.

The survey took answers from more than 14,000 people of 174 nationalities.

Taking into account the beaches, mountains, beautiful cities, friendliness of the local people and the improving economy Spain is a great place to live and but property in!!

Posted 19/9/2016

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