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A simple guide to legal issues in buying a rural home in Spain

We list below some simple issues any Spanish property buyer should consider before completing on a purchase of a rural propety in Spain. We hope you find it helpful.

However, please remember that we are not solicitors and this guide does not attempt to cover all legal issues.

It is a start. You should engage a good independent solicitor in Spain, preferable on who speaks English well. These are some issues you should ask him or her to confirm.

Is your proposed property in a protected area?

This could limit what development you can do. It may even prohibit development totally.

Is the building registered as a dwelling on the land you are buying?

This is vital. If the property is not, registered you may need to have it registered, including any outbuildings or pools.

The electricity supply

How is the property powered? For example is it connected to the mains? If not is it is it solar powered or generator powered

Water supplied and sewage

Has the property been connected to the Spanish sewer system? If not does it take from an artesian water supply or well?
Is there is a septic tank? How often does it need to be emptied? Where is it located? Do the water systems comply with the local Spanish authority regulations?

Does the property have any rights of way that cross your land?

This might massively affect upon your plans for the property.

Who is responsible for maintaining any access roads?

If the local authority is not, you may find that you are required to maintain these. This can be very expensive.

Posted 07/9/2016

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